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A Specialised Website – CBD Health

The Beginning

Even though this could be used as an example of an E-Commerce website, the project originally started as a Specialised Website not actually offering customers the chance to purchase the products offered but simply informing them about their availablility and usability. It the UK it has been part of a growing trend to use CBD-based health alternatives and this paticular client wanted to ride that trend, meaning timing was key.

The Structure

Originally, it showed aspects of an E-Commerce website by exhibiting categories consumers could navigate easily, and products they could select and learn more about. However, without the added functionality of purchasing them, simply being directed to a partner site to complete any transaction.

The homepage was directed to be clean, almost clinical when it came to design and colour theming to emphasise the professionalism of the brand and indicate the trustworthiness of the products it was advertising. The latest posts on the Clients blog was also advertised on the homepage to keep consumers up-to-date with the latest information regarding this particular industry as well as a number of licensed testimonials to further the trustworthiness and credibility of the brand. Right at the bottom of the page was a clean contact form for anyone to contact the company to learn more about this product.

Later on, as the client assessed their business situation, the option to be able to purchase the products was added.