Flair Hair and Beauty Website Portfolio
Flair Hair and Beauty

Information Based Website Design – With a bit of Flair

The Beginning

Flair Hair was one of the first website I was comissioned to design and develop. It required a homely, unique yet personal style to be developed in a simple manner throughout the website. The concept was to develop in the visitor a familiarity with the owner of the business before even meeting them.

The Structure

There were for main sections which included Meet Gemma, which allowed the audience to familiarise themselves with the owner at their leisure, Pricing, which naturally allowed them to view the pricing structure of the business before enquiring and added to the transparent nature of the website. The Gallery was the next main section which allowed the client to upload images of her own finished work to attract customers and then, lastly, Testimonials section. This allowed newcomers to observe the comments of previous users of the services – reviews are becoming much more important nowerdays, no reviews, or bad reviews will instantly put off a major number of consumers now, so it’s important to keep this in mind when developing even a simplistic website.