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Garden Budget | An E-Commerce Website

E-Commerce Focussed Website – Garden Budget

The Beginning

Garden Budget was an international budget-focussed gardening retailer which required great communication, back-and-forth between the client and myself to make sure the theme was adhered to the entire way through the website and thus the customers experience. On the outset the website was to boast a simpler design, with easy-to-use navigation headers and breadcrumbs along with a professional colour scheme.

The Structure

Being an E-Commerce website the homepage was the focus of the design – linking to all major parts of the website as well as advertising special offers via sliding carousels (designed to be easily editable in the backend) or thumbnail-esque clickable icons. The Bottom of the Homepage included simple animations advertising key well-known Brands that were being retailed.

Key, static areas of the website’s structure included the contact infiormation in the top-right hand courner of the top-header, giving an impression of openess and trustworthiness right on the outset, the currency switcher was a more bold choice to, again, stress the internationality of the brand. Then in the top-right hand courner was the login/register button. The bottom of each page included the contact information re-stated (again to re-emphasise the good service and communication the customer should expect from this brand), as well as a newsletter signup form so that customers could keep up-to-date with the regular email newsletters that were released and lastly, the left-hand-side included usful links for the customer to get to key areas of the website easily.

Other notable aspects of the website that added to its usabibility and usfullness from a customer point-of-view were the searchbox which needed to be coded to search even just attributes of the products being sold. And something that is key nower-days, mobile usability, everything from the very first page the customer visited to the checkout screen scaled to the customers device size so that everything would be readable and actionable because even one button clipping off-screen can be the difference between making or not making a sale on your E-commerce solution.