In a world where personal devices such as Smartphones, Tablets and Laptops are playing a larger and larger part of our day-to-day lives we can fear feeling left behind in amongst confusing jargon and ever-meaningless specifications. My goal is to untwist the tangles of today’s lingo and, not simplify it, but translate it into a language that you understand.

Have you personally ever hit a button and lost your place, or even wondered if your device could do more for you? Have you wished you or a family member felt more confident with a computer device that maybe had been gifted? Then it might be that my tutoring services are right for you.

The syllambus follows four principle lessons: (1) Understand your Personal Device (2) Basic Use of Your Device (3) Advanced Use of Your Device (4) Security and Safety for Your Device. The idea is not to put you through a crash course, playing technological catch-up, but to get you feeling confident in the use of your device and to understand the basic principles and benefits of having access to such a device. Even though these are numbered Lessons 1-4 they can span any number of visits, working at your learning pace with no pressure, at a time and place convenient to yourself.

(1) Getting to Know Your Device

Understanding Your Device. The first lesson’s primary objective is to get you or your family member more familiar with their new device, be it hand-held or atop a desk – this is majorly for those that are new to the scene of up-to-date technological devices, those that aren’t sure of the difference between a Super AMOLED Quad HD Display and a Liquid Retina HD Display.

(2) Basic Use of Your Device

This lesson is centred on getting the basics of the use of your device and recognising basic symbols that your device may present and is majoritly theoretical. Depending on the device in question this lesson can be drastically different, taking a Tablet or iPad for example this lesson will be focussing on recognising notification symbols, what they each mean, how serious they may be, adding, removing and updating applications and being aware of the settings menu.

(3) Daily Use.

This is focussed on more day-to-day use and is more aimed at what you personally would like to get out of your device. For example; it may be that you would like to familliarise yourself with the format of applications or websites such as Facebook and Google and how to use each to the extent you desire, or understand the basics of email accounts (adding accounts, creating emails, understand the different kinds of accounts – Imap/POP3/etc.) and being aware of content such as advertisements and how to find desired content.

(4) Security & Safety When Using Your Device

This lesson is primarily to help you use your device in a safe manner, to boost your confidence surfing the web, or browsing emails knowing how to spot the difference between malicious phishing websites and genuine articles. To understand the principles of security certificates and end-to-end encryption.

If you feeling you would like to enguage in my tutoring services, or would simply like to talk over more specifics please don’t hesitate to give me a call on 07518163275 or send in a contact form here.