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Business IT Support

As someone local to Taunton I have helped a number of businesses in the local area with their computer equipment, even offering consultation services when said businesses have been looking down avenues of expanding their technological operations. A lot of the time it’s much more cost efficient for a smaller businesses to have an out-of-house IT Technician, than look to employ one. Offering reasonable rates and a friendly service is what I strive to do and I aim to make all parts of the process as transparent as possible, no hidden costs, no extra charges – just a good services.

Personal IT Support

I also offer personal IT support, whether your laptop has stopped booting up or you want to upgrade your computer my services are at your disposal. When looking to get a new device (laptop, desktop, phone or tablet) many have found benefit in having someone who knows the industry but is wholely unbiased, to save you from salesperson simply pushing for their next sales target.

If you feel like you come under either of these categories, or you want to get a quote before engaging in my services, please feel free to phone me (Al) on 07518163275 or use the contact form.